Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Need To Know

Please read here for the need to know on the Fabs & trading policies of FabFabYo.

  • We only use Meters (and not yards) as our measurement based
  • The width of each fabric may differ.
  • Our main collection would be cotton which includes Indian & Japanese cotton therefore may vary in texture
  • Each designs are extremely limited with mostly only 4 meters being available in stock 
  • Note that I do not photoshop or do any form editing on the pictures in order to ensure 'trueness' of the fabric colors.
  • Minimum order allowed is 0.5 meter per design
  • We accept payment via Paypal, postal order, fast lodge (bank account) & cash. 
  • For local buyer in Dublin (Ireland), you will have an option to either have the item delivered via postage or to personally pick up the item. 
  • Please note that postage rate will vary depending on the weight of item.
  • Pick-up point are only limited within Dublin City Center area only and is free of charge.
  • To order, please send in an email to with the following information (kindly copy & paste the format onto your email):
  1. Name:
  2. Contact Number:
  3. Delivery Address:
  4. Order Item(s): Please state item name & quantity
  5. Payment Method: Paypal/Cash/Postal Order/Fast Lodge(bank account)
  6. Delivery Method: Pick-Up Point/Postage 
  •  Once order has been placed, please allow 24 hours before reverting back to you on item availability and total amount payable (which includes any postage cost, if applicable).

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